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Looking like you

There is one fear that is far and away the most common reservation I see when I am talking with a client about aesthetics: they don’t want to look different, they don’t want to look “overdone.”

Of course, this isn’t the case everywhere, but because my niche is natural/ preventative aesthetics I tend to attract clients who are wanting a natural look. Their goal is to look like themselves, just a refreshed version.

There is so much fear around using botox/filler to achieve a refreshed look, because so many of us associate injectables with celebrities who look way overdone and have used aesthetics to change or contour their appearance instead of maintain it.

When you think about your favorite facial features what comes to mind? I often hear eyes, lips/smile, skin tone, etc. Want to know what I never hear? “My favorite part about myself is my under eye hollowness. I really identify with my wrinkles and it makes me feel like myself to see loose sagging skin.” We would never dream of saying that right!?

This is why preventative/natural aesthetics is so important. We live in a world where we are stressed, stretched thin, over worked, exposed to constant toxins, and sleep deprived. None of us have a perfect diet, sleep routine, and water intake which leads us to premature aging.

When the way you look on the outside doesn’t match the way you feel on the inside it causes cognitive dissonance and frustration every time you look in the mirror. This creates subconscious irritation and lack of confidence. This undertone is present throughout our entire day. Do you notice how much better of a mood you are in on days where you’re having a “good hair day” or “good skin day?” That’s because how we look actually affects how we feel.

This is where aesthetics comes in. When we take attention away from distracting features like sagging skin, wrinkles, and under-eye hollowness, we spot light your good features so that when you look in the mirror, you look like yourself again. This is the basis for our signature treatment, the DEN Refresh. We brighten up your under eyes to accentuate those beautiful eyes, we treat sagging/flattening of the mid-face, and soften the smile lines so you look refreshed and happy! It will look like you just took a month long vacation where you chugged water and vitamins daily and slept for 10 hours a night.

My goal is never to change how you look. It’s to bring your beauty and glow back to life.


Michelle Paty CPNP, FNP-C

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