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Preva Aesthetics is a Nurse Practitioner owned and founded aesthetics practice specializing in the delivery of natural and preventative aesthetic treatments catered to enhancing and maintaining your natural beauty.
Using our unique top-of-the-line technique created by our founding nurse practitioner Michelle Paty, we turn back the clock for our clients and give them youthful and glowing skin. Our job is to make you look like you, just the version that sleeps 12 hours a night, takes your vitamins, and drinks your green juice! The version of you that glows.
We attract clients who love a natural but flattering look so if that’s you, come meet us in the chair! 

About Us in Denver, CO by Preva Aesthetics LLC

Michelle Paty


After spending the first part of her career in pediatric ICU medicine, Michelle discovered her passion for beauty and holistic health. Her passion is helping women look and feel radiant and youthful and she has developed her own aesthetic technique and style to deliver a natural look, prioritizing long term skin health using subtle preventative enhancements. Michelle loves to share her knowledge on digestion, holistic health hacks, vitamins to optimize anti-aging, herbs, juicing, etc! So don’t be surprised if you come for the botox but leave with some health tips! After all, looking radiant has to start from within.

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