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How Treating the Under-Eye Instantly Boosts Attractiveness?

How Treating the Under-Eye Instantly Boosts Attractiveness in Denver, CO by Preva Aesthetics LLC

Have you ever heard the saying “The eyes are the window to the soul?”

It’s true. The eyes are the center point of communication and are often the first feature that others notice when they look at us.

So how do hollow under-eyes and tear trough shadows impact attractiveness? Lets talk about Disney movies for a minute….

Disney animations are intentionally created to make us feel a certain way about the characters. Have you ever noticed how in Disney movies, the villain typically has darkness and shadows around their eyes while the princess’s eyes are bright and surrounded by catch light? This is purposely done by animators to illicit an emotional response from us regarding each character.

So how does that impact us as real life humans? Under-eye hollowness and shadows send a negative message about us to others, while absence of shadows and light reflection around the eye sends a message that we are good, healthy, and vibrant.

Now, you and I both know that just because we have dark circles doesn’t mean we are actually bad (hello, night shift nurses out there saving lives!). But regardless of this knowledge it still sends that message subconsciously.

This is why I LOVE filling the tear trough. We use a very subtle amount of the right filler placed the right way and you instantly look brighter, rested, and healthy.

If you are considering tear trough filler, it is important to select an experienced injector as this is a very technical area to fill. Not everyone is a candidate for tear trough filler so be sure to have a thorough consultation before undergoing treatment.


Michelle Paty FNP-C

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