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How skin DEN was born?

How skin DEN was born in Denver, CO by Preva Aesthetics LLC

Let’s go back to the beginning…

My journey with aesthetics started in my mid 20’s. I was a 24 year old nurse working night shift and that combined with the dry Denver climate took a toll on my skin. I was noticing fine lines and wrinkles and felt I looked way older than 24! I was talking to a fellow RN one night who was almost 10 years older than me with skin that was way more youthful than mine so I asked what her secret was…and cue my first experience with Botox.

Like most people, I was super nervous to get Botox for the first time. I did NOT want to look fake and I especially did not want my boyfriend (now husband) to know I had anything done!

But the second my Botox kicked in I looked better than I had in YEARS. My skin was glowing, my wrinkles were gone, and I was hooked. And the best part? No one could tell I had anything done.

I continued to get botox all throughout my twenties, and I was constantly searching for the best place in Denver to get Botox. I was intimidated by big MedSpa’s that felt impersonal, and often were staffed with injectors who, lets just say, did not share my priority of a natural look. I wanted an injector who understood what I wanted and who I could trust to keep me lookin natural and fresh.

My passion for aesthetics and helping women feel beautiful led me to change my career path in my late twenties and dive into the world of injectables! I started at a large Medspa in Denver where I had one on one professional training in all things injectables. After honing my technique, I then transitioned to an integrative medicine practice closer to home where I was able to start an aesthetics program and continue my passion of injecting.

I knew in my heart my real dream was to start my own practice, so I could do things exactly the way I wanted without having to answer to anyone. I wanted it to be me and my clients making the decisions, period.

It seemed like there was a shortage of injectable practices in Denver that were personable and valued a natural look.

So I decided to create one!

I created skin DEN to be the practice I always wanted as a young professional living in Denver. A place where you can come to feel pampered, and trust that your face is in good hands. A place where your injector prioritizes a natural look and makes treatment decisions based on each individual client. A place where you know the person injecting you and vice versa.

I have big dreams for skin DEN. I know without a doubt skin DEN will be Denver’s top medical spa. A place where you can stop in for botox and a green juice, and even bring along your dog, kids, BFF, whoever! A place where you always leave feeling beautiful and confident and know your face is in the best hands.

Cheers to the future, and thank you for coming along for the ride!



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