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Best Tear Trough Treatments: 3 Ways to Rejuvenate Under the Eyes

Best Tear Trough Treatments 3 Ways to Rejuvenate Under the Eyes

Whenever the skin under our eyes starts changing and tear troughs begin appearing, it can make us feel about our age and how we are as old and tired as these unwanted features can make us look!

Tear troughs can start developing as we get older. Facial aesthetics have become a concern for many people seeking ways to rejuvenate their eyes and regain that youthful appearance. 

Today, we’ll help you in your journey towards discovering three (3) of the best tear trough treatments available in the market nowadays. We’ve narrowed them down from loads of options to tear trough fillers, threads, and mesotherapy. Come on, let’s go!

What are Tear Troughs?

Tear troughs result from losing tissue volume and ligament tension. It creates sagged, or creased skin folds usually found from our lower eyelids down to our cheeks and noses. We may begin noticing them since they can also make the appearance of unwanted dark circles, undesirable bags, and overall, a tired and aged look, especially around our eyes.

These tear troughs can start becoming prominent around 30 or earlier in some instances since they aren’t triggered by aging alone but can also develop due to our genetic composition, too much sun exposure, and even stress.

Fixing Under Eye Bags and Dark Circles and How to Do It

Have you ever wondered about the best treatment for issues like tear troughs under our eyes? Well, the answer will be based on whether or not you already have dark circles, eye bags, or aging eye area concerns.

In addition, it can also depend on your desired outcome in the short and long term. Doctors and healthcare providers can always help you assess your skin issues and concerns by having initial consultations. During these sessions, your doctor or healthcare provider will give recommendations for appropriate treatments into consideration to achieve the best results possible.

Overall Procedure

Even though there are three (3) ways suggested today to rejuvenate the appearance of tear troughs, the overall process follows pretty much the same concept across the board, such as the following:

  • Addition of volume that contains hyaluronic acid to the under-eye area, especially when shadowing and hollowness is present, creating that more vibrant and wakeful look; and
  • Shadowing correction allows light to reflect off your under-eye area, giving you that rested, healthy, happy appearance without the need to apply under-eye concealer.

However, not all of us can become a candidate for these treatments. That’s why you must do thorough consultations at the start of your initial appointment to determine if such treatments are appropriate for your skin goals. The usual volume amount required is 1-2 syringes, greatly based on the severity of your condition. Tear trough treatments last 1.5-2 years on average.

3 Ways to Rejuvenate Tear Troughs

Tear Trough Fillers

A popular non-surgical method for eye rejuvenation, tear trough fillers work by using fine needles or cannulas in injecting hyaluronic-based dermal fillers to the targeted areas that suffer from volume loss beneath the eye. Numbing creams help avoid the discomfort of having these injections in sensitive areas. These fillers plump and correct the eye area and create a more refreshed look.

By filling and lifting hollowed portions of the skin, tear trough creases are gone, meaning that dark shadows under the eye go away. Tear trough fillers are quick procedures with instant results that follow. Downtime is little to nothing at all, with only minor effects such as swelling or bruising possible and subsides after a few days.

The hyaluronic-based filler, Juvederm, is commonly utilized for this treatment. It metabolizes better than other fillers, meaning that the tear trough filler treatment can last up to two (2) years, based on how quickly your body metabolizes the said filler usually recommended because of the changes in our facial anatomy experience as we age.

With this said, we may not like the long-term effects of tear trough fillers. But we might also want to try other treatments once the outcome of the filler wears off. This type is a safe option for short-term concerns, especially for those getting tear trough fillers for the first time. Additionally, this tear trough treatment is the most suitable for any age but works particularly well for those with tear trough concerns in their earlier stages.

Tear Trough Threads

Tear trough PDO thread procedures have recently gained a lot of following, with this thread type becoming quite a popular and long-lasting option among those who want non-surgical ways to lift their face. These threads help the skin by strengthening and tightening it, improving its elasticity, and smoothing wrinkles and fine lines.

Threads work excellently for concerns under the eye since they allow the stimulation of collagen production, lifting hollowed skin and wrinkles and creating a smooth and refreshed skin appearance. Because this type is a thread treatment used for the delicate eye area, it must be administered only by experienced aesthetic practitioners.

Tear trough threads use local anesthetics before the treatment proper. There is little to no downtime using this tear trough procedure, with immediate results lasting up to two (2) years. Tear trough thread treatments are best suited for those between the age range of 30 and 60.

Tear Trough Mesotherapy

Last but not least, and the latest treatment among the three (3), tear trough mesotherapy is a non-surgical eye rejuvenation treatment involving a series of small injections of hyaluronic acid fillers made into the skin’s middle layer beneath the eye, being the epidermis and mesoderm.

This procedure using hyaluronic acid instantly acts on your skin, nourishing and hydrating it, and making it look firm and plump. Long-term results also involve the stimulation of collagen and elastin production. 

Like its tear trough treatment counterparts, tear trough meso has little to no downtime, with only some initial tenderness and swelling experienced that usually subsides within the next 48 hours. Based on your under-eye condition, you may require up to four (4) treatments with a 2-4-week gap between each procedure. Tear trough mesotherapy takes around 30 and 60 minutes to finish, with results that can last from 12 to 18 months.

Final Takeaways on Tear Trough Treatments

Tear troughs and having tired, dark-circled eyes can quickly take their toll on our self-esteem. However, today’s effective non-surgical treatments are made accessible for us to help fix our under-eye problems. Tear trough treatments have become more appealing and convenient, letting us regain our confidence, together with that more youthful appearance, all within arm’s reach!

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