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3 Tips to Make Your Botox Last Longer

3 Tips to Make Your Botox Last Longer in Denver, CO by Preva Aesthetics LLC

Its three weeks after your Botox appointment. Everything has kicked in. Those wrinkles are gone, your brows are lifted, your eyes are wide and awake, and your skin is glowing. The only problem?! You NEVER want this glow to go away!!!

For most people Botox/Dysport last about 3-5 months. In my experience, Dysport lasts longer so I use it more commonly in my practice.

Listen, I wish I could snap my fingers and make your Botox/Dysport last forever, but since I can’t, I am going to give you my three best tips as an expert injector in Denver on how to make that glow last as long as possible.

  1. Get an adequate dose. I know, I know, you wanted to save money and get your “baby tox.” But hear me out. Dose=Duration with Botox/Dysport. Read that again. That is why your glabella treatment (11’s) usually lasts so much longer than your forehead, because we treat it with a bigger dose! This doesn’t mean that we want to make you frozen in the name of getting longer out of treatment, that is NOT the goal! But we do need to treat with a full treatment dose if we want to get the most out of your treatment! Its all about placement and ratios between the different areas of the face to get the desired result, so find yourself a good injector and then trust them when they tell you the dose you need!
  2. Stop testing your Botox. We all do it. That panic sets in that it might be wearing off and what to we do? We check and check and check and we keep moving those muscles to see if they are still frozen. The problem? I want you to think of this like any other muscle. If you sat at your desk with a dumbbell and bicep curled all day, that muscle is going to get stronger right? Its the same thing with your face. If you are constantly flexing those facial muscles and fighting against the Botox, you are strengthening them and helping them burn through it faster, because once that muscle starts moving, its able to metabolize the product quicker. So train yourself to relax that beautiful face and avoid testing for movement!
  3. Minimize excessive cardio. Hey, don’t shoot the messenger!! I love a good cardio workout. And I am not saying it’s bad, its actually amazing for you. But beware that high paced cardio on a regular basis will cause you to burn through your Botox/Dysport faster than your non-marathon-running counterparts. I love doing a combination of cardio through hiking mixed with strength or resistance focused workouts such as lagree. I personally love Transform Colorado (linked below!).


I hope these tips were helpful and that you can get the most mileage possible out of your Botox/Dysport treatment. If you are in Denver, make sure to stop by skin DEN Aesthetics for all of your botox/dysport and filler needs, or to get a free consult and facial evaluation!


Michelle Paty FNP-C

Owner, lead injector at skin DEN Aesthetics

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